The first one you have to notice is the speed of the fingerprint reader which, like the R9s, feels impossibly fast. The Operating System is Oppo’s Color OS 3 which sits on top Android 6 and  it makes its presence felt far more significantly than other launcher environments. While some may roll their eyes at the older version of Android, Color OS adds some attractive features. It should be regular performance tune-ups to flush the memory and keep things ticking along nicely. There's also a file-locking feature that usefully allows you to secure important works , apps and nudie pics and so on.  There are many multiple gestures that you can use to enhance phone calls, take screenshots and lock the screen with . There are some useful tricks  if you care to put in the time and some, like enhanced screenshot which lets you scroll down a chat list or long web or the same like, they are unique and potentially very useful. The built-in instruction manual is well-laid out and interesting to browse anythings. it Cloud you backup Contacts and SMS messages . Night-mode is a prominent feature but you have to enable or disable it manually.

It’s worth remembering that many of these features could be added as third-party apps to other Android phones, but they’re all integrated and less likely to interfere with each other.

               Onething  of the noticeable improvements over the smaller Oppo phones was performance. While the Snap dragon 653 chipset isn’t Qualcomm’s fastest, it is latest-generation and more powers efficient than it’s superior siblings. Combined with a massive 6GB of RAM, actually struggled to detect much lag at all. Everything launches essentially-instantly including the camera. As we’ll see below, the combination of the chipset and Color OS means that battery life has been enhanced and the camera’s shutter lag has gone.

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In terms of audio, the microphone is very good at capturing crisp and clear sound. The speakers get louder and offer some impressives punch both with tribble and bass to call or listening mucic. It makes a decent conference call unit. and enjoyable things

All in all this feels like one of the fastest phones around and impressed anyway.


                Oppo had  a massive 4,000 mAh battery which, along with the Huawei Mate 9, However, for various reasons including a power-hungry camera and faster processor, Huawei’s battery still doesn’t last much more than a day without charging. Meanwhile the R9s Plus very nearly lasted for two days under heavy usage. With Oppo’s Color OS power management, we wouldn’t be surprised if it more-easily did last for two full days as time goes on. During testing we took many photographs, did a great deal of web browsing and social media and also some navigation. While we have seen better performance from some older phones, this is the best from a current-flagship model.


               Both the front and rear cameras on the R9s Plus are 16 megapixel units. Oppo tells us it has, “New Optical Image Stabilisation technology - on top of its custom Sony IMX398 1/2.8-inch sensor and large f/1.7 aperture lens.”  While the R9s suffered from annoying shutter lag, the Plus, mercifully, doesn’t. We’ve been using the R9s Plus as a workhorse cameraphone recently and took many pictures to illustrate features of other products – something we did a lot with last year's Huawei Mate 8 whose decent camera and decent battery made it perfect to cover things like all-day conferences. This is the first phone since that model that’s felt like it can do the same thing more the others

The stills camera is capable of capturing bright colours both in best lighting and low light. It’s very-low light performance can quickly fall off a cliff but talking about down right dark here. Flesh tones were natural, detail was sharp and the dynamic range was  very impressive.


It’s hard to find a flaw in this Oppo. Usually, these phones impress us heavily in some areas but have a flaw which lets them down. The R9s Plus has no significant flaws: it does everything well. It might not lead the market at any one thing, but it’s near the top for everything.  Overall, this is Oppo’s best ever phone and arguably the best-all round flagship on the market. so the choice is on your hand.

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